An everyday good night’s sleep gives a much-needed boost for day-to-day activity. An eight-hour sleep relieves the body from stress and strain. Gone are the days when people used to have proper eight-hour sleep as recommended by physicians. This may be due to less technological interference, where, with the advent of smartphones and smartwatches, sleeping patterns have gone for a toss. Not only aged, youngsters have had insomnia, a common sleep disorder. Always glued to mobile phones while going to sleep has greatly affected health prospects.


Benefits of proper sleep

Good sleep has a slew of benefits. Apart from helping an individual eat less and exercise better, it also aids in positive hormone effects. Besides, it lowers the risk of diseases like diabetes and heart disease, stress, and, most importantly, getting sick less.


However, sleeping at 10 pm is a better option than going post-midnight. However, some have to remain awake as their work pattern says so. The scenario is most common for those working night shifts and emergency services. With little option left, being awake for most of the night can harm health.



One has to note that sleep deprivation leads to severe stress, not being attentive at school/workplace, less focussed on finishing work, frustration, crankiness, etc. It leads to hypertension, obesity, depression, diabetes, etc.


These days, lack of sleep has prompted many to seek medical help, and they are being advised to take sleeping pills. Insomnia has been attributed to many youngsters, like adults, and it has a cascading effect on one’s mental health and well-being.


Sleeping at the wrong time of day can negatively affect health and conditions such as sleep apnea, which causes breathing difficulties due to loud snoring.


The way out

Sleeping is of utmost importance to keep the body healthy and fit. When we finish our pending tasks, we must decide whether we want proper sleep or become a night owl. Circumstances may make us remain awake in some instances; however, maintaining adequate sleep time will give an individual a sharper brain and boost one’s health.


Medical intervention is needed if things go out of hand. These days, sleep therapy clinics have mushroomed. However, deciding to remain awake during sleeping hours or have a good night’s sleep is in our hands.