Indians have become health conscious thanks to the post-COVID scenario; with it over, they are cautious about consuming food. These days, various forms of food are available with a click of a button, thanks to the Internet. And with it, the population has become more aware of the right diet for good health, a well-maintained body, good looks, etc.


Gone are the days when one consumed seasonal vegetables, fruits, etc. And the concept of a good/healthy diet was nowhere to be seen. Vegetables and fruits are available all year round and sometimes in packed and frozen form, which can be bad for health in some instances.


People have become more health conscious and choosy about what to eat and avoid for their well-being.



A well-balanced diet provides the essential energy and nutrients for the body to function well and prevent diseases. Following a strict diet plan is a good habit that helps an individual boost immunity, help in proper digestion, lower the risk of certain heart diseases, diabetes, and certain forms of cancer, and ultimately boost confidence.


A meal with the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals helps the body in numerous ways. Also, water intake is a vital part of the body to fight various diseases.



There are certain disadvantages associated with diets. With the Internet making it easy to access various platforms on diets, people, out of curiosity, start having particular meals, only to realize later that it is a challenging task to consume in the long run. Consuming less or dieting may end up gaining weight, experiencing chronic diseases, etc., an enhanced feeling of guilt, etc. 


A balanced diet

Stringent religious beliefs and accessing half-baked information have made people conclude to segregate certain foods and avoid though these foods may have nutritional values and are suitable for health. Going in for a good diet is always advisable. However, one has to remember that these days, fake packaged foods are available. Before consuming, buying them from certified shops is always recommended to prevent adulteration.

Going in for seasonal vegetables and fruits, following a simple balanced diet, and having a bit of protein, minerals, and vitamins in every day’s meal is good. Avoiding speculations on certain foods on social media is also advisable and will help you be fit, in a good mood, and healthy.