Maintaining good immunity is no rocket science and can be built by following some basic daily routine. A person with good immunity will recover faster from any seasonal flu, cold, cough, or injuries. On the other hand, a person with low immunity will take much longer and is most likely to take antibiotics on the path to recovery.


The COVID-19 outbreak taught everyone that an individual with good immunity had no infection/recovered much faster than those with low immunity. With a spike in the recent JN.1 variant of COVID, immunity needs to be boosted to keep certain diseases at bay, including COVID-19.


So, how do you go in for a good immunity?


Humans have a complex immune system, and a boost in immunity is possible due to vaccinations, intake of proper foods, etc. Having good immunity helps to fight off infection and disease.


Right diet

A proper diet that includes a platter full of leafy vegetables, eggs, poultry, fruits, and seeds enhances immunity to a great level. Eating foods rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods, consuming probiotics, zinc intake, keeping hydrated, etc., aids in building strong immunity. Turmeric, ginger, honey, etc, are known to help boost one’s immunity.


Yoga and exercise

A fast life and running from the morning till late evening for work-related purposes can harm health in the long run. Taking time and going to yoga or regular exercise can boost immunity. A short walk, breathing exercises, swimming, etc., can help increase immunity to higher levels.


Wearing masks while venturing out and washing hands regularly is also part of maintaining good immunity.


The outlook


One should remember to keep in mind that consuming liquor and eating junk foods will bring in more distress than building a robust immune system. Unprecedented pollution across cities and contaminated vegetables and food products have made it hard for individuals to maintain good immunity. Still, maintaining good health by having a proper diet, sleep, and exercise will help manifold.