Gone are the days when marriage invitees indulged in eating competition, such as gulping down 50 rasgullas at one go. These days, these kinds of eating habits are unthinkable. However, there are instances where people tend to binge eat without knowing whether they are hungry.


Though the population has become cautious about what is being consumed, there remains a big question of what is being eaten and when. With social media flooded with solutions for weight loss, preventing hair loss, etc., more must be realized, as many are sticking to a particular diet instead of the right amount of nutritious food, leading to later complications.


A disturbing trend among many has been found where people need the help of medical professionals to look out for easy access to certain foods without knowing the drawbacks.


Food is essential for one’s growth, building the immune system strong and keeping certain diseases at bay. Many have the habit of overeating on certain occasions, only to realize the ill effects later.


Mindful eating

Certain eating habits make us feel better. The concept of mindful eating, a Buddhist concept, can be a game changer where savoring healthy foods will lead to a healthy relationship with consumed food.


A habit of keeping any electronic gadgets away while eating can be explored. Infants are being allowed to watch mobile phones while having meals as mothers find it an easy way to cut out eating time, leading to drawbacks later.


Research suggests that the brain takes time to signal whether the stomach is full. It is always advisable to eat slowly and patiently so that the body can signal in case of overeating. Also, protein-rich food should be consumed along with a sufficient amount of fiber and required fat. Proper sleep leads the body to tackle sleep-related overeating.


This apart from consuming liquor, junk foods, etc, may stimulate the body to stimulate the appetite and hence may lead to binge eating.


A satisfying meal

Mindful eating, also known as conscious eating, needs to be followed by everyone. Being mindful while eating will bring emotional and physical senses into play, leading to positivity and making one conscious of what is being savored. It helps to distinguish between true hunger and non-hunger triggers.