The obsession with looking good, having shining skin, etc, in today’s world is expected. With an array of beauty products in the market, maintaining the overall looks has become more accessible. Even going to the gym to keep the body fit and to be presentable is what everyone is vying for. However, it is the most neglected part of the body when it comes to taking care of the feet. Though many foot care products have been launched in the market, people often avoid taking proper care of them.


Not regularly cleaning the feet is the main cause of certain fungal diseases, which lead to smelly feet, also known as bromodosis. Working professionals, farmers, and laborers have one thing in common: they avoid the extra effort of cleaning their feet, leading to certain complications.


Wearing shoes and working boots for long hours leads to sweating and bacterial/fungal diseases. A majority of the population in India avoids wearing covered footwear, which leads to dust and germs accumulating between nails and skin. This can lead to nail injury, fungus, and psoriasis.


Not taking proper care of the feet leads to the following diseases like

  • The likely symptoms of the athlete’sathlete’s foot are an itchy, stinging, and burning sensation.
  • Blisters, corns, heel spur bunions, diabetic neuropathy, and in grown toenails are the other causes.

The above symptoms take their toll while walking, making moving around painful.



Choosing the proper footwear is paramount, as severe foot-related health issues may arise in the long run. Fancy shoes with narrow toe boxes may lead to a painful foot due to constant squeezing, which is a craze among youngsters, only leading to further complications.

While buying shoes, one has to ensure that the shoes are comfortable. Those who are into farming, etc., need to wear working boots. Regular cleaning of feet daily, applying foot cream available in the market, and visiting a medical professional in case of any fungal, bacterial, smelly feet, etc, will help to mitigate the crisis. When going jogging, proper running shoes are advisable.


A good foot

The feet also require the same care as the face and other body parts. By following basic daily cleaning and going in for proper footwear, the much-needed care will relieve the feet and thus help improve mobility.