The benefits of exercise are overwhelming and are being promoted to a more significant extent these days. Regular physical exercise can boost endurance and has become integral to one’s well-being. Any form of exercise like walking, swimming, taking part in gym activities, Yoga, etc, is known to have its share of benefits on the health and wellness of an individual.


With mental health issues on the rise, regular exercise can be a game-changer in eradicating the disease. Dogged with mental health issues, India’s mental health issues have reached alarming proportions. A fast life, hooked to mobile phones, social media, and failed relationships, etc, are to be blamed for catastrophic mental health.


Physical exercise can address fears/phobias, mood swings, relationship issues, substance addiction, and significant illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, dementia, and personality disorders.


Taking time from a busy schedule for exercise will bring the much-needed change for better mental health, boost mood and concentration, and improve cardiovascular and physical health.


Depression, anxiety, and stress are common these days. Everyone seems to be under some mental stress, and to get rid of this, physical exercise is the need of the hour. Besides giving much-needed sleep, physical exercise boosts overall mood. No matter the age, any form of exercise can be a strong tool to deal with mental health issues, and people can reap the benefits in a short period.


Types of exercises

Exercise promotes neural growth in the brain, reduces inflammation, and promotes calm and well-being. Yoga, cycling, running, aerobic, and gym exercise are recommended to boost mental health. Even gardening and dancing boost an individual’s morale.


Exercise in any form can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, etc. However, one should remember that too much exercise has side effects.


Managing good mental health is of utmost importance in a busy day-to-day hectic schedule, and keeping up with any form of exercise regularly will lead to stress-free mental health.