Life has become indispensable without mobile phones. Having gained entry into Indian households during the last two decades, young and old have become addicted to it. These days, even school-going children and infants have access to mobile phones. Also, it is an easy way out for busy mothers who want their cranky children to get hooked on something. Older adults who used to fuss about fast technological innovations always stick to mobile phones. Staring at the mobile phone during late night hours takes its toll on sleep.


Overuse of mobile phones has ill effects on health. The phones emit radiation that is detrimental to one’s health. Another drawback is geopathic stress due to the emitted radiation. Electromagnetic radiation due to the exponential rise of the utilization of mobile phones has led to electromagnetic pollution. Radiofrequency radiation is like X-rays, harmful in the long run.



According to the World Health Organisation, radiation due to the usage of mobile phones can lead to headaches, thought processing difficulties, memory impairment, heart palpitations, sleep disorder, general malaise, blurred vision, weakness, dizziness, chest discomfort, muscle pain, tinnitus, fatigue, nausea, night sweats, etc. On certain occasions, one can suffer from a brain tumor.


Level of radiation

Various research activities have been undertaken to gauge the radiation level emitted by mobile phones. Though cell phones emit low levels of non-ionizing radiation and the National Cancer Institute states no direct links to increasing cancer risk, the danger persists. Keeping the phone near while sleeping is not a good idea, as electromagnetic radiation affects sleep and is most likely to take a toll.


The way out

The advent of technology has its better side, along with the challenges. Mobile phones have become a necessity for all. Mobile phone manufacturers have hit the right chord and have come with mobile phones with more features. With 5G mobile technology being launched in India, it is anticipated that people will be more susceptible to electromagnetic radiation. As a result, health will be under stress. Using mobile phones only when required, not getting hooked for the entire day, and keeping them away during sleep will help keep away radiation for some time.


More awareness about the harmful radiation from mobile phones is needed among the general public.