Gone are the days when remote working became popular post-COVID-19 outbreak. With companies looking ahead for physical office presence, many working professionals need help to cope with the issue. Out of a 24-hour day, working professionals have to be in the office for at least eight hours and in some cases toil for more than 12 hours. And with it comes issues related to health.


The health issues

Though the positive side of an office environment is that employees can engage with their peers and exchange ideas, there needs to be a more balanced view of it. Signing in at 10 a.m. and signing out at 6 p.m. brings a host of health issues to the fore.


Sitting at a desk for hours has its effects on health. For many, viewing the monitor for hours leads to teary, dry, itchy, and red eyes. Computer Vision Syndrome is known to happen due to prolonged computer use.


In an industrial set-up, an employee is most likely to move around, thus avoiding sitting in one place, whereas in a corporate set, one may end up sitting in one place for hours. When working in an industrial set-up, many individuals encounter noise pollution when handling hazardous chemicals. Extreme precautions should be taken while working in these types of set-ups.


Consuming junk foods at the office set-up is common and can lead to higher levels of fat and cholesterol being reported. 


A workplace can turn toxic where any individual is subjected to tremendous taunts, abuse, bullying, retrenchment, etc. One may suffer mental agony dealing with this day-to-day, leading to depression. Also, the feeling of being isolated may creep in, which can harm health.


Preventive measures

Working in a cordial environment can be a boon at the workplace. In a corporate setting, it is advisable to take a few minutes break between meetings and take a stroll to relieve stress. Many offices provide gyms, a common area, play zones, etc. to boost an individual’s morale.


Working in a well-lit room with ample ventilation will make workers feel more engaged, allowing them to stay focused on the task and collaborate with other team members.


Eating homemade foods and avoiding junk foods at the workplace will bring a healthier life and prevent the build-up of cholesterol and unwanted calories. 


The outcome

A better workplace motivates an employee to be more focused. It is not only the employee; the employer should also ensure an employee-friendly and positive workplace to avoid building up healthcare challenges.