Obese people usually encounter physical and mental trauma due to their appearance. The craving for overeating is a significant challenge for the obese population. Eating is a necessity for the human body, but overeating has its share of side effects, leading to obesity. Too much of body index where a basal metabolic rate (BMI) of above 30 is referred to as obese. It is a chronic disease and, if not taken care of at an early stage, may lead to severe complications.


Indians are prone to obesity, and around 40.3 percent of the population is affected by it. The obesity rate has reached an alarming position in the southern part of the country, whereas the eastern part of the country has the lowest prevalence. Also, women are more prone to obesity than men.



Fat accumulation around the waist, near the liver and pancreas, is an open invitation to various forms of diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. An inactive lifestyle is essentially to be blamed for obesity. Lack of physical exercise, eating super saturated foods, sitting in one position, and being hooked to mobile or television are the leading causes of the rise in obesity. 


Even children are prone to become obese due to overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. Poor sleeping patterns among children can lead to obesity as it makes the child crave processed foods and sugary drinks and become less physically active.



More body fat can cause much harm to the body. Extra weight can directly exert pressure on the skeletons and joints. This, apart from the chemical changes in the blood, increases the risk of diabetes, heart attacks, hypertension, and stroke. It can cause deteriorating bone density and muscle mass. Children experience breathing difficulties, fracture risks, insulin resistance, and psychological effects.


Reducing obesity

Obesity and its related non-communicable diseases are preventable. Having healthier foods, a lot of physical activities, etc, can bring a drastic change and thus prevent issues related to obesity and being overweight.


Choosing foods that are lower in sugar, fat, and salt will prevent obesity. One must ensure that healthy and nutritious foods are consumed more. 


It becomes a psychological challenge for those who suffer from obesity. On the one hand, mobility diminishes, and individuals take time to carry out day-to-day activities smoothly. It is to be remembered that not becoming obese is in one’s hands, and abstaining from foods that trigger obesity and bringing a lifestyle change will be a win-win situation for an individual.