An ankle sprain can be painful. For people associated with sports, the sprain can have serious implications if left untreated. While high-heeled shoes may look stylish and have societal appeal, they are susceptible to ankle sprain on uneven surfaces. 



An ankle sprain can occur during a regular walk, running, walking with high-heeled shoes, improper shoes, poor physical condition, landing awkwardly on foot, etc. Ligaments in the ankle may tear due to overstretching, wrenching, or twisting of a joint. It can also be due to small tears in fibers in the ligament to complete tears.


The joint lateral ankle sprain prevents the foot from rolling inward towards the arch, and the medial ankle sprain usually damages ligaments that prevent the foot from rolling outward.


Athletes going for strenuous activities like calf stretching and foot exercises are at higher risk of inviting ankle sprain.



Left untreated, a severe ankle sprain may damage the bones and cartilage. Other severe symptoms include chronic ankle pain, ankle instability, and arthritis in the affected area.


Severe pain is associated with an ankle sprain. Other symptoms can include a deformed ankle, bruises, a grinding sound, and sometimes numbness in the foot or toes.



Homemade remedies can be helpful for ankle sprains if not severe. Cold compress with an ice pack and compression elastic bandage can keep the pain away for some time.


It is also advisable to walk after an ankle sprain that may improve recovery and heal the injured ligament. 


Taking advice from a medical professional and being prescribed painkiller medicines to reduce swelling will help relieve the pain. Depending on the condition of an ankle sprain, doctors may recommend ligament repair surgery.



Uneven surfaces are the leading cause of ankle sprain. While walking around, one must be careful on uneven surfaces, avoid wearing high-heeled shoes, and so on. Using comfortable shoes while walking and participating in sports activities and exercises can help prevent ankle sprain.


Doctor-recommended heel pain shoes are available that can bring in much-needed relief. Also, ankle support shoes can be considered to avoid getting sprained.


The Cure


Considering the specific pros and cons of ankle sprains will lead to easy recovery in the event of any sprain-related injury. A fast-paced life makes everyone run around while trying to reach the workplace, school, office, etc., on time, and the feet are most vulnerable to injuries leading to sprains. A little precaution and wearing the proper footwear will prevent any untoward incident.