Tuberculosis (TB) has spread its fangs beyond limits, and India is under the cusp of it. With a vast population base, India’s tryst with TB has been for ages and, with it, the taboo. Many are succumbing to the disease. This is despite a revolution in treatment mechanisms. Bone TB is a rare occurrence of TB that spreads from the lungs to the bones.


TB spreads through droplets in the air and is contagious. In the case of bone TB, it is not infectious. People who have AIDS increase the risk of bone TB. Coming in contact with an infected person’s body fluid or pus helps to spread TB to bones through the blood.


Bone TB patients experience severe pain in the bones and around the joints. Overlooked, bone TB is difficult to diagnose. A patient may not experience any pain at the onset of the disease, but once the symptoms are visible, the disease may be in its advanced stages.

Affecting the spinal cord, the disease is infectious and can be fatal. Children also suffer from bone TB with stiffness in the back and joints. Children face trouble in moving and walking, often associated with bone TB. A patient encounters neurological complications, paralysis, bone deformities, etc.

Spinal TB, also termed Pott’s Spine, leads to paralysis.

Need for a balanced diet

An excellent immune system plays a vital role in patients suffering from bone TB. A proper, balanced diet holds the key. 

A diet with ample Vitamins A, C, D, and E will help provide the requisite immunity. Food enriched with zinc and iron, such as citrus fruits, also helps to boost the immune system.


Medication is the first line of defense for bone TB patients. The course of treatment may range from one to two years, depending upon the infection spread. Taking medicines as prescribed shows the early path to recovery.

The taboo

Bone TB patients suffer physical and mental challenges due to the associated taboo. Many are ignorant about how the disease spreads, the precautions, and the treatment. Superstitious beliefs add to the woes. Not lending a helping hand makes recovering faster difficult for the patient.

Timely intervention and proper medication are the keys to eradicating bone TB. The health system has been able to upgrade itself with many initiatives to counter bone TB. A lot of awareness is the need of the hour.