Maintaining platelet count on the advent of Dengue.

Whether the platelet count is normal or below a certain level brings anxiety among us. A common term, platelet, is mainly associated with the mosquito-borne disease dengue. Doctors usually advise a blood test to determine the platelet count in an individual with a high fever and whether the patient suffers from Dengue.


What are platelets?

Platelets, the colorless blood cells or thrombocytes, work magic in one’s body. In an adult, the normal platelet count ranges from 1,50,000 to 4,50,000 per microlitre of blood. Produced in the bone marrow, the tiny blood cells help to form blood clots to stop bleeding. During bleeding, platelets rush to the injury site, creating tentacles to help clot formation.


Monsoon in India sees a lot of mosquito-related diseases, and Dengue is one of the most dreaded ones. In the case of Dengue, the platelet count mostly goes below the normal level, where an individual can have a count as low as 40000 to 20000, depending on the severity of the disease.


The right supplements for a healthy platelet count

Iron is essential for platelets, and intake of it in various forms will help keep its count intact. An iron-rich diet with lentils, poultry products, spinach, and another form of green vegetables, red meat, if included within one’s diet, will help to increase platelet count. One has to keep in mind that Vit B12 is found to be deficient in many people. In this case, food such as eggs, meat, and chicken can increase the count.


Fruits in its aid

We often hear people discussing having fruits like papaya, including its leaves that help support platelet production. Though animal studies have concluded that papaya increases platelet count, nothing has been validated in human trials yet. However, since fruits like papaya and pomegranate have rich sources of iron, they can be consumed to increase the blood count and, eventually, platelets. Though various studies have been undertaken on papaya and its correlation with platelets, concrete evidence must be provided. Doctors advise taking kiwi fruits as they increase platelet count since they contain potassium and Vitamin C. Even coconut water also contributes to an increase in platelet count. Ample fluid intake is required to increase the platelet count, which will help to promote optimal organ function and facilitate toxin elimination.


One has to note that whether one is infected or not with Dengue or any other diseases that directly affect the platelet count, there is a need to go in for regular blood check-ups and consume foods, fruits rich that will help the platelet count within optimal level.


In case of an urgency, the platelet has to be transfused. Platelet transfusion is required when the count goes down below a specific threshold. However, a transfusion of platelets is needed in case of a medical emergency.