The scorching summer heat can bring about a slew of health problems, and incorporating a sufficient amount of fruits into your diet can be a wise choice. However, it’s crucial to consider how these fruits are consumed and in what form. Fruits and vegetables that are openly sold, such as cut fruits, uncooked vegetables, and fruit juices prepared in unwashed utensils, can potentially lead to various health issues.


During India’s sweltering heat, people have the habit of quenching their thirst, going for a quick bite, etc.; while doing so, they eat cut fruits and vegetables. Though bottled water is available in the market, colored roadside-flavored drinks are still openly sold and savored by many. Besides, cut fruits and vegetables like cabbage are eaten delightfully and sometimes infested with houseflies.


Why not eat?

Fruits and vegetables, once cut, require immediate refrigeration. When left out in the open, amidst dust, pollution, and germs, these cut products become a breeding ground for bacteria. Eating such products can lead to serious health hazards. Flies, known carriers of various diseases, often feed on open fruits and vegetables, contaminating them. The risk of spoilage is significantly higher for fruits left open rather than refrigerated.



As if the heat is intolerable, leading to heat-related issues within the body, the open-cut fruits and vegetables are a double whammy, and the body is susceptible to certain diseases that lead to dysentery.


Also, nutrients available in fruits are lost due to light, heat, and water. Vitamin C in fruits is susceptible to these factors and can be lost once fruits are cut and left open for longer. Refrigeration helps to slow down this process, preserving the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables.


Vegetables like cabbage are grated and kept in the open only to be consumed later. The unwashed product can have severe health consequences, leading to stomach bloating, etc.

 This is because uncooked vegetables, especially when not properly washed, can contain harmful bacteria that can cause digestive issues and other health problems.


E. coli and salmonella are bacterial diseases caused by eating roadside fruits that are never washed and kept open for long hours. The knife used to cut the fruits can drag the bacteria into the fruit and contaminate it.



Foodborne illnesses are expected during the summer months. Savoring unrefrigerated cut fruits and vegetables may lead to various symptoms, including abdominal cramps, fever, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. In chronic cases, it can even lead to typhoid and cholera, which require immediate medical attention.


Awareness is key

Many people suffer from bacterial diseases due to non-awareness about the health hazards of consuming open-cut fruits and vegetables. With limited tracking mechanisms, a thriving business only adds to the burden on our health system. However, random checks by the health department and increased awareness about the harmful effects of consuming open-cut fruits can be a game changer in disease prevention.