A nail-biting finish is a common proverb at the advent of an anxious moment. However, many indulge in this activity, leading to ugly nails.


Nails are an integral part of the body, yet they are the most neglected. Though hand washing and hygiene have benefits for fingernails, footnails are not properly cared for. Biting nails often leads to ugly fingernails and can cause a host of diseases, as germs are present in nails.


Nails are formed of keratin, a hardened protein. The condition of nails indicates whether a person is suffering from a disease. 



The finger or toenail may have a dark streak, which can be melanoma, leading to skin cancer. When the lifts up, it may lead to white discoloration due to fungal infection, psoriasis, or an injury while going in for a manicure/pedicure or while cleaning nails and hurting oneself. Redness and swelling are other forms of disease that can occur. The surrounding areas around the nails may become sore and painful due to infection. The greenish-black color of the nails is caused by bacterial infection. Pitted nails can indicate the occurrence of an upcoming disease like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and alopecia areata. Yellow nails indicate lung diseases and rheumatoid arthritis in an individual. Overgrowing and thickening of nails lead to Ram’s horn nails, where anyone with psoriasis, ichthyosis, or circulation problems may encounter the issue. Curved nails can affect the lungs, heart, liver, etc.



The above symptoms call for a dermatologist’s intervention. Healthy nails lead to good well-being. However, people habitually use harsh chemicals and colors on nails, only adding stress. Using artificial nails and injuring yourself while cleaning them often brings health risks.


Dermatologists suggest keeping nails short and trimming them often to avoid the spread of diseases. Sharing nail clippers with others and keeping the finger and foot nails dry after a wash will bring much-needed relief. If nails are discolored, it is always advisable to approach a medical practitioner to determine if any underlying diseases are present.


Approach to healthy nails

Without knowing the ill effects of chemicals in nail enamels, people unthinkingly use the products, realizing later that these products have harmful substances. Artificial nails, fish pedicures, etc, may look fancy. However, nails experience trauma, bacterial infection, etc., leading to health hazards. People have the habit of overlooking the nails and going for medical intervention. Following basic hygiene and not going for harmful products will keep the nails healthy, and seeking the proper guidance will help keep nails healthy.