Reduced outdoor activities are being credited for issues related to physical and mental health. A secluded, sedentary lifestyle with the influence of social media and hooking to mobile phones has made many sit at home without venturing out, being detrimental to physical and mental health. Gone are the days when people used to actively participate in social activities and go out to meet families and friends.


Though many have indulged in activities like walking and going to the gym post-COVID and also due to the effect of online platforms/ YouTube videos, zeal needs to be added where individuals are restraining themselves from actively participating in outdoor activities.


Busy work schedules and stress have made many turn to sedentary lifestyles, as the body doesn’t permit them after a certain point of time. The result is deteriorating physical and mental health. The consequences of not participating in outdoor activities are so significant that children are taking a cue from their parents and shying away from these activities.



Outdoor activities can take many forms depending on when one participates in them. Camping, biking, swimming, exercises, photography, bird watching, and much more are included in the offing. While participating in these activities, one can socialize with others, and mingling creates a stress-free mind away from the daily hustle and bustle of traveling and strict work schedules. These recreational leisure activities benefit the body, mind, etc. It may or may not be necessary to take part in activities stringently. However, daily walking, exercises, optional activities like visiting a desirable place, etc, can be pondered upon.


Research shows that stepping outside to get fresh air brings in the much-required relief for mental and physical health. Advice from a specialist in certain outdoor activities will help in the long run. However, one has to ensure that only a few outdoor activities will bring health challenges and not be carried away by following online influencers. A stressed-out life has its own challenges, and participating in social functions and outdoor activities will be a boon for many.